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My Heater Isn’t working, How do I DIY Fix My Heater?

Author: Airling HVAC
Published: Friday March 1, 2024
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Picture this: you wake up on a chilly morning, reluctant to leave your cozy bed. After a hot shower, you head downstairs, hoping to warm up the house by cranking up the thermostat. However, as time passes, the house remains cold, and the vents are blowing out cold air. Frustration sets in – it's time for a furnace repair!

If you're nodding along, don't worry; this blog is here to guide you. Learn how your gas furnace works, try some simple do-it-yourself fixes, know when to call in the pros for heating repair, and discover tips to avoid future furnace troubles.

Living in or around Fontana and in need of urgent furnace repair? Call AirLing HVAC Solutions! We care about your family's comfort and safety. Whether it's a furnace glitch or any heating problem, we're the repair service you've been dreaming of. Reach out to us with a call or schedule an appointment on our website.

Quick note: This blog focuses on gas furnaces. If you're dealing with an electric furnace or heat pump issues, keep in mid to call us first before you try to fix it yourself.

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How Your Gas Furnace Works

Before diving into fixing your gas furnace, let's understand how it warms up your home. This knowledge will make DIY fixes easier, potentially saving you some cash.

When your thermostat senses the house is colder than the set temperature, it tells the furnace to start heating. This kicks off a process called "combustion," where fuel and oxygen mix and burn to create heat. Your furnace's gas valve opens, the ignition flame sparks, and the draft fan starts spinning. Air from your house is pulled in through the return duct, heated by the furnace, and sent back to your rooms through the supply vents.

Still with me? Good! Now, the fire inside the furnace warms the air, and combustion fumes go through the heat exchanger and out through the flue pipe. If this sounds a bit confusing, check out this simple video here. And remember, if you have a heat pump, it works differently and isn't part of the furnace process.

Easy DIY Fixes For Your Furnace

Step 1. Set Thermostat Correctly

Make sure your thermostat is set to "Heating" and at the right temperature. If it's correct but there's no warm air, check the thermostat's batteries and replace them if needed.

Step 2. Turn Furnace Switch ON

Find the furnace switch, usually looking like a light switch on the side or nearby. If there's no warm air, check if it's flipped down; if it is, flip it up to turn the furnace on.

Step 3. Turn Your Tripped Circuit Breaker Back ON

Check your breaker panel for the furnace breaker; if it's off, switch it back ON to restore power.

Step 4. Open Gas Valve

Make sure the gas valve is open to let gas flow into the furnace for heating. Some units have an exterior gas valve – check if it's open. If you use propane, ensure your tank isn't empty.

Step 5. Clean your Dirty Air Filters

Filters keep the air clean, but if they're clogged, change them every three months for better airflow and efficiency.

Step 6. Open and Unblock Air Vents & Registers

Check if all vents are open and unobstructed by furniture, allowing air to flow freely.

Step 7. Relight the Pilot

For furnaces with pilot lights, relight it if it's gone out. If you are dealing with this type of furnace, consider seeking help from other reliable companies.

These simple fixes might do the trick, but if problems persist, don't hesitate to call in the pros. AirLing HVAC Solutions is here for all your heating and air conditioning needs.

Now armed with some know-how, try these fixes and call us if needed. Trust AirLing HVAC Solutions for all your heating and air conditioning troubles in Fontana. Stay warm and cozy!

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